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10 recipes with cucumber (refreshing and healthy)

Spring and summer are the best time to do recipes with cucumber, since they are in season. In addition to salads, there are other possibilities to use the cucumber in your recipesyou’ll see how rich and refreshing.

The cucumber contains vitamin C, A and B vitamins forks very rich in waterso you have cleansing properties. We are going to tell you more about the benefits of eating cucumber at the end of the recipes, but first we are going to tell you how to make delicious cold soups and gazpachos, salads and sauces with yogurt.

Cold soups with cucumber

Okroshka cold cucumber soup

Russian okroshka cucumber and fennel soup

Okroshka cold soup is a soup that is made with cucumber and yogurt, actually kefir. It is a Russian recipe that is eaten in summer, just like our gazpacho, but the vegetables are not crushed to obtain a cream, but are cut very small.

look at the recipe

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Russian OKROSHKA cold soup (with cucumber and kefir)

cucumber gazpacho

cucumber gazpacho recipe

But since here we also have a tradition of cold soups, we propose you a cucumber gazpacho in three versions: one with cucumber and yogurt, another that also contains apple, and a third without dairy products.

Cucumber gazpacho recipes

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Cucumber gazpacho (3 light recipes with apple or yogurt)

Cold gazpachos with cucumber

As you know, cucumber is an ingredient in many of our gazpachos, no longer as the main vegetable but as a secondary protagonist that adds freshness to the whole.

This is the case of the absolute king, the Andalusian gazpacho and other traditional gazpachos such as ajoblanco or Extremadura gazpacho, but also other delicious variants with fruits such as melon gazpacho, watermelon gazpacho, strawberry gazpacho or avocado gazpacho .

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Avocado gazpacho recipe

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Avocado gazpacho (easy and healthy recipe)

how to make melon gazpacho

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Watermelon gazpacho (EASY recipe for summer)

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White garlic

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How to make Ajoblanco (traditional almond gazpacho recipe)

Vegetable sandwich

Vegetable sandwich ingredients

Cucumber is also a great ingredient for a vegetable sandwichand not only pickled, also the fresh cucumber gives a crunchy and fresh touch that is worth trying.

See the recipe

vegetable sandwiches

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Vegetable sandwich, 5 ideas to take note

Recipes with cucumber and yogurt (the best sauce)

Cucumber and yogurt get along wonderfully well and are the base of delicious sauces from various countries, such as the famous kebab sauce or the Indian raita sauce, among others.

tzatziki sauce

recipes with cucumber

The Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip It is a sauce that has cucumber and yogurt, and that accompanies both thekebabas tomeze, a typical plate of appetizers. ThisdipIt is also perfect to accompany meat and fish, as well as salads.

see recipe

homemade yogurt sauce

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Greek Yogurt Sauce TZATZIKI (EASY and healthy recipe)

Salmon with yogurt sauce and cucumber

We advise you to try it, for example, in this recipe for salmon with yoghurt sauce and cucumberhealthy and easy.

see recipe

salmon yogurt -

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Grilled salmon with yogurt and cucumber sauce

Raita sauce

raita sauce indian recipe yogurt

Theraita sauceIt is a typical sauce of theindian cuisinemade with natural yogurt, and generally, green chile, coriander and cucumber.

You can use it in countless recipes, from chicken curry or tandoori chicken to, why not, a salad that has nothing Indian about it but to which this sauce will taste great.

see recipe

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Raita sauce (Indian recipe with yogurt and cucumber)

salads with cucumber

No doubt among the light cucumber recipes most popular are the summer salads, and the possibilities are endless. Here we leave you our salads with cucumber preferred.

Greek salad

Greek salad with feta cheese and kalamata olives

The recipes with cucumber are popular in Greece, and the classic and famous Greek salad is a clear example of this. Fresh and easy, it combines few ingredients into a fantastic dish.

see recipe

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Greek Salad (EASY traditional recipe)

Poke bowl with cucumber

hawaiian poke bowl recipe

Hepoke bowlIt is a Hawaiian salad of raw fish, accompanied by vegetables and sauces, on a base of rice or quinoa. We do it with cucumber and we recommend it.

see recipe

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Hawaiian Poké Bowl Recipe (very healthy)

Salad with cucumber and surimi

salad with cucumber and crab sticks

Among the various crab stick salads that we usually prepare, this one with rice and cucumber is one of our favorites, we encourage you to try it.

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crab stick salad recipe

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Crab stick salad (5 easy and healthy recipes)

Green detox smoothies

Detox smoothie with celery

The calls detox smoothies or green juices They usually have cucumber among their ingredients for its cleansing properties. We have several recipes that we suggest:

See green juice recipes

Smoothies to lose weight

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Homemade detox smoothies (10 green juices to help you lose weight)

4 good reasons to make recipes with cucumber

As we have already mentioned above, do recipes with cucumber It is a good idea because it is a healthy vegetable, low in calories and rich in minerals and vitamins.

Then we give you 4 good reasons to eat cucumbers:

  • RECHARGE VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Cucumber contains vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamin E and B vitamins such as folates B1, B2 and B3. It also contains magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.
  • IT HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT: Cucumber is a low-calorie vegetable, since its water content is around 95% and it contains very few carbohydrates.
  • POWERFUL DEPURATIVE AND DIURETIC: In addition to containing a lot of water, cucumbers have a high potassium content and a low sodium content, which is why they have a diuretic action that favors the purification of the organism.
  • REGULATE INTESTINAL FUNCTION: They are rich in fibers that have a laxative effect that help prevent constipation.

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